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Victor Quinteros Jnr.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Q Interactive Pty Ltd

As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Q Interactive Pty Ltd, Victor Quinteros Jr. holds the pivotal role of overseeing the firm’s day-to-day operations.

He is intricately involved with the Development Team, ensuring that the organization consistently meets or exceeds client expectations both in terms of timelines and budgetary constraints. Under his astute leadership, Q Interactive is committed to delivering outputs of the highest quality.

Occupying the multi-faceted role of a CEO necessitates a diverse skill set. In the context of Q Interactive, Mr. Quinteros Jr. possesses specialized expertise in formulating online strategies, consulting, and overall business management. Furthermore, he is adept at conducting rigorous business analyses, pinpointing client requirements, and spearheading online branding initiatives.

His managerial philosophy places a strong emphasis on aligning business development goals with project management outcomes, a strategy that has proven instrumental in steering the company toward sustained growth and success.

Victor Quinteros Snr.

Director of Sales at Q Interactive Pty Ltd

Before assuming his current position at Q Interactive, Victor Quinteros Sr. held the esteemed roles of CEO and Managing Director at Orange Realty Pty Ltd, a renowned online real estate firm based in Sydney. His extensive experience in this domain establishes him as a leading authority in real estate, technical sales, and project management. At Q Interactive, Mr. Quinteros Sr.’s primary duty is to spearhead and cultivate new business avenues for the organization.

Given his distinguished career largely rooted in service, sales, and marketing, Mr. Quinteros Sr. has been entrusted with significant tasks.

He is to lead the generation and oversee response management for bids originating from both government entities and the private sector.

He exhibits an exceptional ability to navigate and excel in strategically challenging situations, spanning the domains of operations, marketing, management, and sales. Furthermore, he plays a pivotal role at Q Interactive by identifying and procuring new investment opportunities.

More than his functional roles, Mr. Quinteros Sr. stands out as a beacon of inspiration within the company. His unwavering positivity and visionary outlook act as a catalyst, motivating his peers at Q Interactive to consistently deliver their utmost performance.

Daniel Delfino

 Daniel Delfino, Legal Advisor and Consultant at Q Interactive Pty Ltd

Daniel Delfino serves as the Legal Advisor and Consultant for Q Interactive, a role that is increasingly critical in today’s complex global business landscape. With the rise of challenges related to copyright, intellectual property, and online data security, Mr. Delfino’s expertise in these areas is invaluable. Specializing in online patent and copyright law, he brings a robust skill set focused on safeguarding sensitive information against unauthorized third-party access.

Daniel Delfino is also the Sole Principal of Delfino Group Pty Ltd, a reputable legal and investment firm based in Sydney. His dual roles not only attest to his multifaceted capabilities but also significantly contribute to the ongoing success of Q Interactive.

By lending his legal acumen to the company, Mr. Delfino enhances Q Interactive’s capability to navigate complex legal terrains, thereby positioning it for greater resilience and success in the competitive business environment. His role is not only instrumental in mitigating risks but also pivotal in capitalizing on opportunities that align with the company’s strategic objectives.